Handy tips for using Facebook and Instagram to grow your business page. 

These are tips that are relevant for 2019. Facebook and Instagram are always evolving, so stay up to date and don’t get left behind!   

Here are a few tips to help you on your way. 

*  Create meaningful posts. Facebook loves this!

*  Reactions are better than likes. If you want to improve your reach, get people to react (not like) obviously good reactions are best! 

* Always reply to comments (Facebook likes you to interact and show that you are interacting with your followers) the same applies to messages! 

* Look at your stats. What time are people engaging? Use the stats to time your posts perfectly and schedule the posts.   Timing is everything with Facebook and Instagram.

*  Make sure all your page is filled out. Name, website, phone number etc. 

*  People (and facebook) like companies that are transparent and clear to see what’s going on.  58% of people engage with Facebook pages before purchasing. It is the most popular site for customers to look up companies and reviews!   

*  Facebook doesn’t like promo posts and so they reduce your reach! 

*  Competition posts don’t help your reach.  Try an Ad instead!

*  Videos reach more people than photos. Facebook live is even better! 

*  70% of people don’t listen to videos though, so make sure it’s got subtitles or is easy to see what’s going on. 

* Refer to current events and news. Keep people engaged and discuss what’s going on in the world. 

* Don’t bother with post boosts. They are a waste of time and money. 

* Facebook ads work though! Spend time getting this right and it will help grow your business. Make sure you target your ‘ideal customer’. 

* Offer them something of value for free and get them coming back for more.

* Stand out from the crowd. Use colourful and engaging images. Think what would catch your eye if you were scrolling. Avoid Facebook colours like blue. Red, orange and green is good. 

* Build relationships with your followers. They are more likely to remember you and your business if you have meaningful interactions.  

* Don’t let them forget you. 

* If you make contact. Follow up and get them to sign up to your newsletters.  


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