I design and make things that stand out from a crowd and don’t fit in. I think this is a good way to live life as well. We are all so different, so why should we all look and behave the same. Embrace our differences and celebrate life.   

I try and use the rules in my creativity as well. My embroideries are mostly bright and represent what I see in everyday life. Lucky for me, everyday life is living on a Dutch barge on the river Thames and I see a lot of wildlife and immersed in nature. 

My open water swimming plays a big part as well. When swimming in the water you see things from a different perspective. Almost a water birds eye view I suppose. The colours on and in the water, the birds, the sounds. Not to mention the feelings. Swimming outdoors really is an all senses experience.  

Anyway. Back to the art.    So yes I make things that are suppose to make you smile and lift your spirits. If you have a room that needs brightening up, then why not add a flash of colour. My wall hangings, lampshades and cushions are perfect for that. They may match your theme, they may not. Who cares? Stand out and be different. 

If you need matching in your life then I’m sure I can do that for you as well. To be honest, I just want to make as many people smile as possible.    

I get really excited by colours and textures and see so many of these in everyday. We were chopping 2 tonnes of wood yesterday for our fire and I was amazed by the number of different colours and patterns I saw in each log. Sad but true!! I compared a logs bark pattern and colours to a Cormorant which I’d seen sun bathing the day before.    

Over the years people have told me that my work cheers them up just by looking at it. I feel really blessed that I can do that for people and hope to carry on doing so.   

Do you know anyone that needs cheering up? Feel free to get in touch. I love doing commissions or just head over to my online shop and see what I have made already. I ship worldwide!   

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day.   

Did you know I also sell on Etsy?  Yes I do and here's the link (Click here).