First of all I’d like to wish you a happy Easter and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Support from people like you is just what small businesses like mine need to grow and hopefully thrive! 

On this note; I recently discovered a fantastic campaign that has been started to help artists like me get potential customers to see how every sale (large or small) really does count.  

Called #JustACard the campaign aims to let customers know how purchasing even ‘just a card’ can really make all the difference to artists / sellers.  

Buying a card and showing support for artist rather than mass produced ‘made in china’ cards is a big deal. It gives us the artist a boost of confidence; it helps feed our dreams and our families!! 

A lot of the time buying direct from the artist also means that you get the best deal. There are no ‘middle men’. Just a card bought from the artist that made it! What could be better? 

So next time you need a card, have a think about where you buy them. If you already actively buy from artist then good on you! If not, then it’s never too late.   

Are you on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? You could help us spread the word by tagging #Justacard with a photo of your cards. Don’t forget to tag the artist who made them as well. For example if you buy mine, you can post a comment and include tag @julietturnbull and my hash tag #craftyboatgirl 

For more about the campaign you can visit the Just a card website at this address  

all my cards are available from the shop section of this website or from my Etsy shop

Here's a short film of my individually painted and embroidered cards (also available to buy)

Heres a few of my nature inspired cards.