Following on from my previous blogs where I give videos and details about swimming the non tidal river Thames, I thought I would share some of my Thames highlights!

218 km

45 swims

Over 70 bridges

45 locks

Multiple wildlife spottings

and lots of smiles!!

It's very difficult to pick my favourite parts of the Thames because it is so long.  But the most memorable swims have been swimming past Windsor castle.  It is such an iconic place and seeing it from the river was such a different experience.  Of course we gave a wave just in case HRH could see us swimming past!

The Clivedon stretch was so wide, lushious and epic.  All so green and with high forest filled banks with views up to the house. I mean what a view!  Like something out of a film set.  Except we were swimming through it!!

Rolling out at Marlow was hilarious an painful.  Our planned get out point was full of swans, so we had to find an alternative.  That ended up being us rolling out like seals (except less gracefully) on to the bank.  Much to the ammusment of the people enjoying their ice creams at Marlow river side!

We swam through Oxford and I tried to get a Mojito from the punters enjoying their food on the terrace. That was funny.

Every week we both dreamed of seeing Otters.  We nearly did on one stretch, but missed them by a few minutes. They had been spotted by two gentlemen enjoying a cheaky cigarette by the river as they'd managed to get out of the retirement home!

However, many months later we saw one. It jumped out of the water a few meters in front of us and we saw it distintive tail disapear in to the water again. Then it was gone.  But we definatly saw it.  What a treat! We were very pleased about that one!!

Swimming under the M3 and M25 was cool, I now always smile when I drive over them and remember such wonderful times.

I'm so pleased that we did'nt do it in one go.  I was really tempted to do an epic challenge and do it in one hit.  But I wanted to see everything as well.

We swam it slow and steady and saw everything we could.  

It also gave me focus every week and something adventurous to look forward to.  Planning each swim and working out routes, parking etc was part of my enjoyment. 

Please do check out my YouTube channel for all the videos of my swims and you can follow my future swims on my Instagram account.

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